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The 2009 Cambridge Review of the National Reform Programmes - Policy Conclusions (2009)

Tackling work-related stress in the EU – Lessons learned from the European social partner’s agreement (2009)

Tackling work-related stress in the EU (2009)

(Draft) Key Messages Paper from the EPSCO Council to the Spring European Council (2009)

(Draft) Key Messages Paper from the EPSCO Council to the Spring European Council - EMCO-SPC transmission letter (2009)

Commission Report - Application of the Working Time Directive in all the Member States (2009)

Council Common Position (EC) No. 32/94 adopted 18 July 1994  (2009)

Negotiating European Works Council: an analysis of agreements under Article 13, European Foundation for the improvement of Living and Working Conditions  (2009)

Preparatory study for an impact assessment of the European Works Council Directive, EPEC GHK (2009)

Proposal for a Directive on the harmonisation of the legislation of the Member States relating to redundancies (2009)