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Report of the EMCO Ad Hoc Group on the outcome of the Cambridge Review country examination of the employment sections of the NRPs for 2005  (2005)

Contribution on the Cambridge Review Country Examination of the Employment Sections of the NRPs for 2005  (2005)

EMCO Background Note on Human Capital  (2005)

EMCO Contribution on Human Capital  (2005)

EMCO/SPC joint opinion on the Kok report as a contribution to the mid-term review of the Lisbon strategy  (2004)

EMCO and SPC joint proposal for EPSCO Council key messages on Employment, Social Protection/Inclusion and Gender Equalitys  (2004)

Opinion of the Employment Committee: Guidelines Package 2004  (2004)

Opinion of the Employment Committee on migration and integration  (2004)

EMCO opinion macro-economic policies and structural reforms to boost employment , productivity and economic growth  (2003)

EMCO opinion on the future European Employment Strategy  (2003)