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Commission Report - Application of the Working Time Directive in all the Member States (2009)

Council Common Position (EC) No. 32/94 adopted 18 July 1994  (2009)

Negotiating European Works Council: an analysis of agreements under Article 13, European Foundation for the improvement of Living and Working Conditions  (2009)

Preparatory study for an impact assessment of the European Works Council Directive, EPEC GHK (2009)

Proposal for a Directive on the harmonisation of the legislation of the Member States relating to redundancies (2009)

Research and Development on Working Time [1997D2009]  (2009)

Second Phase of the Consultation of the Social Partners concerning the revision of Directive 93/104/EC  (2009)

Working Time: extent of coverage of excluded sectors and activities in national legislation [1996D2012]  (2009)

Working document 1: 'Transnational agreements - Complementary study - Method' (2009)

A comprehensive analysis of emerging competences and skill needs for sector health and social work (2009)
EU employment in the health and social services sector amounted to about 20 million workers in 2006, the majority of which live in the EU-15 countries. The NMS employ 2.3 million health and social services workers. Moreover, the workforce grew much faster in the EU-15 than in the new member states. Employment in the sector is growing mainly because of a rise in government budgets which are in turn determined by ageing, growing national incomes, and the availability of new therapies and medical technologies.