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Video script – New Skills Agenda for Europe – Launch event (2016)

Video transcript: New Skills Agenda launch event (long version) (2016)

Social Agenda 45 - Skills: a new agenda (2016)

Commissioner Thyssen hands over the European Alliance for Apprenticeships awards as part of the first European Vocational Skills Week (2016)

Developing skills for the labour market - The Riga Conclusions - European cooperation in vocational education and training 2015-2020 (2016)

Workshop on Advancing the Quality, Supply, and Image of Innovative Apprenticeships - Article by Detlef Eckert (2016)

Key policy messages (2016)
The report includes the headline messages and policy implications discussed at the Peer Review.

Comparative Analysis of the Australian Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning: Joint Technical Report (2016)

Competence based matching (2016)

Employers 2020 Strategy (2016)