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Key policy messages (2016)
The report includes the headline messages and policy implications discussed at the Peer Review.

Competence based matching (2016)

Employers 2020 Strategy (2016)

Study on International Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks and Systems (2016)

The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (2016)

Social Agenda 44 (2016)

ESPN Flash Report 2015/18 - Malta - Linking formal education with vocational experience: the “education +” initiative (2015)
”education+” is a new initiative of the Ministry of Education, launched as part of the Government’s Framework for the Education Strategy for Malta 2014-2020, that is intended to develop and cultivate useful skills, attitudes and values among Malta’s youth. It seeks to empower young people to become active citizens and be employable in a dynamic society. It marks a clear departure from traditional learning systems which were mainly classroom/ laboratory based.

EEPO Review: Upskilling unemployed adults, March 2015  (2015)
This review presents an in-depth analysis of funded training provision across Member States aimed at raising the skills of adult unemployed persons (25-64) with low levels of qualifications or inadequate basic skills. The review describes the funding, the institutions responsible for governance and the implementation of training programmes. It maps and provides detailed information of the set-up of training interventions and measures provided to unemployed adults, based on individual country reports from each of the 33 countries covered by EEPO. The Review also explores lessons from comparative analysis, drawing on evaluation findings, highlighting effective design features and considers the role of the European Structural Fund (ESF) in supporting training for unemployed adults. Finally, it outlines the challenges training programmes need to overcome and presents a set of recommendations.

Skills Governance in the EU Member States, 2015 - Austria (2015)
Skills Governance in the EU Member States, 2015 - Austria

Skills Governance in the EU Member States, 2015 - Belgium (2015)
Skills Governance in the EU Member States, 2015 - Belgium