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Forum Agenda Impact on Climate change  (2009)
Plenary session and workshops

A dynamic approach to the social aspects of corporate restructuring  (2009)
This initiative aims at stimulating dialogue between social partners in order to identify and develop best practices on anticipating and managing restructuring.

Future Skills Needs in the Green Economy  (2009)
Conference proceeding of workshop on green skills requirements in the medium-term future

Employment Guidelines (2009) - indicators for monitoring and analysis – endorsed by EMCO 24/06/09  (2009)
Guidelines 17,18,19,21,22,23,24

Change Management  (2009)
Leaflet of EU Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity on EU level initiatives, programmes and instruments to support actors involved in change management.

Employment Committee's contribution to the informal Employment Summit  (2009)
This note presents an overview of the different schemes of short time working arrangements adopted in the EU and reflects on potential benefits and risks of such measures.

Proposal for a Council Decision on Guidelines for the Employment Policies of the Member States  (2009)
In line with the provisions of Article 128 of the Treaty, the Employment Committee has examined the Commission's proposal for a Council decision on guidelines for the Employment Policies of the Member States.

Communication: A Shared Commitment for Employment  (2009)
The main impact of the recession is on people: the top challenge for the EU today must be to prevent high levels of unemployment, to boost job creation and pave the way for economic renewal, sustainable recovery and growth.

Communication from the Commission - Key messages from the Employment in Europe 2009 Report  (2009)
The Communication from the European Commission was published in November 2009 and presents the key messages from the Employment in Europe 2009 Report.

Learning in a crisis  (2009)
CEDEFOP briefing note of how to cope with the crisis. The economic crisis is a stark reminder that lifelong learning needs to support individuals throughout the economic cycle. Despite the recession Member States and social partners are committed to developing skills.