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Promising practice in the area of labour market/social integration of refugees (2016)
The Government wants newly arrived immigrants in Sweden to quickly find a workplace that is relevant to the individual’s education, experience and interest. At the same time, there is a shortage of labour in many industries; these are now being helped with the provision of skills through the creation of fast tracks by the Swedish Public Employment Service and the industries, to make it easier for newly arrived immigrants to establish themselves in the labour market.

Executive Summary Peer Review on 'Methods for forecasting skills needs for the economy' (2016)
Executive Summary Peer Review Ireland 2016 Peer Review on 'Methods for forecasting skills needs for the economy'

Study on obstacles to recognition of skills and qualifications (2016)

Pillar 1: Skills and Lifelong Learning (2016)

Agenda - New Skills Agenda launch event (2016)

Study on Obstacles to Recognition of Skills and Qualifications - Executive summary (2016)

Analytical Web Note 7/2015 – Measuring skills mismatch (2016)

Video script – New Skills Agenda for Europe – Launch event (2016)

Video transcript: New Skills Agenda launch event (long version) (2016)

Social Agenda 45 - Skills: a new agenda (2016)