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EMCO contribution to the Informal Employment Summit - Cover letter from the Chair of EMCO to the President of the Council (EPSCO) (2009)

EMCO contribution to the informal Employment Summit (2009)

Ad hoc list of members (2009)

EMCO Discussion Paper on Lisbon Post-2010 (2009)

EMCO Indicators Group work programme 2009 (2009)

EMCO Ad Hoc Group Report on the 2009 thematic review: Skills upgrading and Skills matching (2009)

EMCO Ad Hoc Group Report on the 2009 thematic review: Inclusive Labour Markets (2009)

EMCO Opinion on the European Employment Strategy within the post - 2010 Lisbon Agenda (2009)

EMCO Analytical Paper: "Bringing more people into labour markets" (2009)

The 2009 Cambridge Review of the National Reform Programmes - Annual Report (2009)