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Policies to support youth - Thematic Review (2010)

The Employment Dimension of tackling Climate Change - EMCO report (2009)

Work Programme of the Ad Hoc Group of the Employment Committee for 2009 (2009)

Work Programme of the Employment Committee 2009 (2009)

List of members of the Indicators Group (2009)

Key messages from the EPSCO Council to the Spring European Council (2009)

Opinion of the Employment Committee on the proposal for a Council Decision on Guidelines for the Employment policies of the Member States (2009)

Monitoring and Analysis of Flexicurity Policies: Report of the EMCO Indicators Group (2009)

EMCO Discussion Paper on Lisbon post-2010 - Cover letter from the Chair of EMCO to the President of the Council (EPSCO)  (2009)

Annex to the EMCO Chair's letter: Analysis carried out by the EMCO on short-time working arrangements (2009)