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Factsheet: Skills in Austria (2016)

Factsheet: Skills for a greener economy (2016)

Factsheet: Investing in skills (2016)

Factsheet: Skills and mismatches at sectoral level (2016)

Factsheet: Skills and digitisation (2016)

Factsheet: Skills and integration of migrants (2016)

European Vocational Skills Week - Outline of the initiative (2016)

Skills Governance in the EU Member States, 2015 (2016)
Skills Governance in the EU Member States

Chapter 3.1 Skills Development  (2016)
Ensuring that adequate high-quality skills are available and well-employed in the labour market remains an ongoing challenge for European policymakers, particularly in the face of numerous demographic, economic and social pressures. This chapter examines the extent to which Europe experiences mismatches on both sides of the market. Improving outcomes requires effective forecasting, relevant training for young people, active support for older workers to retrain, and wider visibility and recognition of skills acquired informally or across borders. Employers, as well as government, have a role and responsibility in such measures.

Annex I to Commission Staff Working Document - Tackling low skills: The Skills Guarantee (2016)