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Research Note 2007: Educational transition in Europe (2007)

Research Note 2007: Panorama on population diversity in the EU (2007)

Research Note 2007: Qualitative Scenario Study of the European Labour Force  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Deficiencies in the Supply of Family Friendly Service (2007)

Research Note 2006 : Is the pressure on parents of young children too heavy? (2006)

Research Note 2006: Are some educational systems more equitable than others? (2006)

Research Note 2006: Is it too difficult for young adults to become autonomous? (2006)

Research Note 2006: Life-course disruptions and their impact on income and living conditions (2006)

Research Note 2006: Working-time, income and social inclusion  (2006)

Annual Report 2006: Social Inclusion and Income Distribution in the EU (2006)