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Research Note 2007: Child poverty and ethnic minorities  (2007)
This paper is divided into two parts. The first is concerned with policies for addressing child poverty and reviews the studies carried out on this. The second part examines the incidence of child poverty among ethnic minorities on the basis of data from the EU-SILC.

Research Note 2007: Deficiencies in the Supply of Family Friendly Service  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Household Patterns  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Panorama on population diversity in the EU  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Qualitative Scenario Study of the European Labour Force  (2007)

Research Note 2006: Is it too difficult for young adults to become autonomous?  (2006)

Research Note 2006 : Is the pressure on parents of young children too heavy?  (2006)

Research Note 2006: Are some educational systems more equitable than others?  (2006)

Research Note 2006: Working-time, income and social inclusion  (2006)

Research Note 2006: Life-course disruptions and their impact on income and living conditions  (2006)