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Skills anticipation and matching for better school-to-work transition (A. Jaouani & F. Rosso) (2017)

Regional context and activities on skills and employability in the region (A. Jaouani) (2017)

How will the demand for older workers be influenced by their wages and skills? - Luke Haywood, Nicola Duell (2017)

Starting Strong 2017. Key OECD Indicators on Early Childhood Education and Care (2017)
Early childhood education and care (ECEC) can help lay the foundations for future skills development, well-being and learning. Having timely, reliable and comparable international information is essential to help countries improve their ECEC services and systems. For over 15 years, the OECD has been conducting policy analysis and gathering new data on ECEC. For the first time, this report brings together all the key ECEC indicators in one volume. It presents an exhaustive overview of ECEC systems and provision as well as trend data and information on recent reforms. The report takes a hard look at issues such as access and governance, equity, financing, curriculum, the teaching workforce and parent engagement. Key challenges for improving the ECEC sector are identified.

Skills development and employment: Apprenticeships, internships and volunteering (EP) (2017)

Awards for VET Excellence (print & web version) in ALL languages - European Vocational Skills Week 2017 (2017)

Factsheet: Boosting apprenticeships across Europe & State of play of the EU Skills Agenda (2017)

2017 annual work programme for implementation of the Pilot Project "A European framework for apprentice mobility: Developing European citizenship and skills through youth integration in the labour market" and 2016 annual work programme for the implementation of the Pilot Project "A European framework for mobility apprentices: Developing European citizenship and skills through youth integration in the labour market" (2017)

Workshop - Skills and qualifications: EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals (2017)
Diana Eriksonaite / DG EMPL, European Commission

Workshop - Skills and qualifications: Innovative validation tools for disadvantaged groups (2017)
Dr. Martin Noack & Ramona López