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Opinion of the Employment Committee on the Commission proposal for a Council Decision on Guidelines for the Employment Policies of the Member States contained in COM (2011) 6 (2011)

EMCO Contribution: Public consultation on the Conclusions of the 5th Cohesion Report (2011)

Joint Employment Report 2011 (2011)

Joint EMCO-COM Paper: The employment crisis: policy responses, their effectiveness and the way ahead (2010)

EMCO Contribution to the ES Presidency Conference on New Skills for New Jobs - Barcelona 8-9 April 2010 (2010)

EMCO Indicators Group Work Programme 2010 (2010)

EMCO Ad Hoc Group Work Programme 2010 (2010)

EMCO Work Programme 2010 (2010)

EMCO Contribution to the EPSCO Council of 7-8 June 2010 on the "EU 2020" Strategy (2010)

Towards a greener labour market – The employment dimension of tackling environmental challenges (2010)