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Annual Report 2008: Social Inclusion and Income Distribution in the EU (2008)

Research Note 2008: Social inclusion of migrants and their 2nd generation descendants (2008)

Research Note 2008: The effect of social capital on wage income - an analysis of the EU-SILC module on social participation (2008)

Research Note 2008: The take up of social benefit (2008)

Research Note 2008: Making work pay – assistance to low-paid workers in Europe (2008)

Research Note 2008: The effect of minimum pension schemes and recent reforms to them on the financial well-being of older people (2008)

Annual Report 2007: Social Inclusion and Income Distribution in the EU - including Executive Summary  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Supporting Families with Children through Taxes and Benefits (2007)

Research Note 2007: Household Patterns (2007)

Research Note 2007: Child poverty and ethnic minorities (2007)
This paper is divided into two parts. The first is concerned with policies for addressing child poverty and reviews the studies carried out on this. The second part examines the incidence of child poverty among ethnic minorities on the basis of data from the EU-SILC.