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Skills for green jobs : European synthesis report (2010)
Europe’s policy-makers need to ensure that their support for skills and training matches the ambition of their strategies for promoting investment in green innovation and infrastructure. This European synthesis report on skills for green jobs brings together findings covering Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France and the UK. It shows that integration of sustainable development and environmental issues into existing qualifications is much more effective than creating new training standards.

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Socially responsible restructuring: Effective strategies for supporting redundant workers (2010)
This report is analysing how enterprises, in different contexts and sectors, can respond imaginatively to restructuring needs. It includes examples of good practice led by large and medium-sized enterprises.

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Anticipating skill needs of the labour force and equipping people for new jobs (2010)
Which role for Public Employment Services in early identi-fication of skill needs and labour up-skilling?

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