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EEO Occasional Seminar, June 2010: Self-Employment (2010)
This paper provides an overview of geographical labour mobility in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK in the context of the economic crisis in 2008.

EEO Review 2010: Self Employment in Europe (2010)
Self-employment makes a considerable contribution to the EU economy in terms of entrepreneurship and job creation and accounted for almost 15% of total employment in the Union in 2009. However, it also carries a degree of risk and EU-level policies have been developed over a number of years to support self-employment and small and medium-sized enterprises. Such measures have been stepped up in the light of the economic crisis and its impact, both at EU- and Member State-level. This European Employment Observatory Review provides an introduction to the self-employment situation in Europe including the impact of the economic crisis, its role in the labour market, attitudes towards the subject and problems faced by the self-employed. The Review then assesses national labour market policies and crisis recovery measures and examines the quality of self-employed work and actions to improve this, before providing some final conclusions.