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Annual Report 2007: Health Status & Living Conditions - including Executive Summary  (2007)

Research Note 2007: What are the methodological issues related to measuring health  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Measuring quality and standards of long-term care for older people  (2007)

Research Note 2007: To what extent are Roma disadvantaged in terms of health and access to health care?  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Measuring inequalities in access to health care. A review of the indices  (2007)

Research Note 2007: Migration and health in the EU  (2007)

Research Note 2006: Income-related inequality in physician and hospital service use among older people in 10 countries – an analysis of SHARE data  (2006)

Research Note 2006: Life chances lost through premature deaths and disability  (2006)

Research Note 2006: Measurement of socioeconomic inequality in health in 10 European countries: An exploratory analysis of SHARE using three approaches  (2006)

Research Note 2006: Mental health problems: what are their socio-economic costs and what can be done to tackle them and promote mental well-being?  (2006)