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Adult skills - Denmark - Country fiche (2017)

Adult skills - Estonia - Country fiche (2017)

Adult skills - Finland - Country fiche (2017)

Adult skills - France - Country fiche (2017)

Skills anticipation and matching for better school-to-work transition (A. Jaouani & F. Rosso) (2017)

Regional context and activities on skills and employability in the region (A. Jaouani) (2017)

How will the demand for older workers be influenced by their wages and skills? - Luke Haywood, Nicola Duell (2017)

Skills development and employment: Apprenticeships, internships and volunteering (EP) (2017)

Awards for VET Excellence (print & web version) in ALL languages - European Vocational Skills Week 2017 (2017)

Factsheet: Boosting apprenticeships across Europe & State of play of the EU Skills Agenda (2017)