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Conclusions of Workshop III "Facilitating the access to microfinance" - Martin Jung, Director, Evers & Jung (Germany)  (2010)

Conclusions of Workshop II "Improving the environment of microfinance" - Iain Willox, Expert, Copie Network  (2010)

Conclusions of Workshop I "Developing high quality microfinance services" - Bruno Dunkel, General Secretary of the Executive Committee, CoopEst (Belgium)  (2010)

Microbank - José F. de Conrado, Chairman, Microbank (Spain)  (2010)

Microfinance in Romania - Cristian Jurma, General Manager, Express Finance IFN S.A. (Romania)  (2010)

Microfinance Fund Germany: a network of partners - Dietrich Englert, Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (Germany)  (2010)

Facilitating the access to microfinance - Martin Jung, Director, Evers & Jung (Germany)  (2010)

Developing and linking microfinance and business start-up services in Lithuania - Ramunas Dilba, Deputy Head Operational Programmes Management Department, Ministry of Finance (Lithuania)  (2010)

Policy co-ordination and networking of actors supporting micro-enterprises - Bárbara Jayo, Research Director, Fundación Nantik Lum (Spain)  (2010)

Linking microfinance with one stop shops and business advisory services advisers in the Netherlands - Marjolein de Boer, Director, Stichting Microfinanciering en Ondernemerschap (Netherlands)  (2010)