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Commission Staff Working Document Restructuring in Europe 2011 (2012)
The Green Paper ‘Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from the economic crisis?’ is a sign of the Commission’s determination to put in place all possible mechanisms and frameworks that support and encourage business adaptation while at the same time creating the conditions that will allow workers and regions to accompany that process and avoid unemployment and social distress.

EEO Review 2012: Long-term unemployment (2012)
In July 2012, the European Employment Observatory (EEO) commissioned the network of 33 SYSDEM experts to report on the theme of long-term unemployment in each of their own countries. The document outlines and summarises key points emerging from the national articles within the context of policy developments, research and data gathered at a European level. Further information on the national-level developments discussed in this report can be found in the national articles which are available on the EEO website.

EESC opinion on the new EU Youth Opportunities Initiative (2012)
The new 'Youth Opportunities Initiative', adopted by the Commission, calls on Member State to work on preventing early school leaving; helping youngsters develop skills relevant to the labour market; ensuring work experience and on-the-job training and helping young people find a first good job. The Commission is also urging Member States to make better use of the European Social Fund which still has €30billion of funding uncommitted to projects. In addition, the Commission has put forward a set of concrete actions to be financed directly by EU funds.

ERM Quarterly - Issue 3, October 2012 (2012)
The third issue for 2012 includes: macroeconomic trends and prospects; job creation and job losses at a glance (1/7/-30/9/2012); sectoral distribution of job losses/job gains, and top five cases; Recent restructuring in Ireland; Fostering innovation; Peugeot restructuring.

EUROPEAN COMPETITIVENESS REPORT 2012/ Reaping the benefits of globalization (2012)
The 2012 edition of the European Competitiveness Report provides new empirical evidence for understanding the drivers of industrial competitiveness and the opportunities and constraints faced by European enterprises in the post-crisis recession. The focus of this year report is on maximizing the benefits of globalization.

Employee Financial Participation in Companies’ Proceeds (2012)
This study provides an overview of the development of employee financial participation (EFP) across the EU-27 and shows its positive dynamic between 2000 and 2009 despite the recent financial crisis.

Employment trends and policies for older workers in the recession (2012)
This report summarises available data on recent employment trends for older workers in the EU27 as well as the results of organisation case studies and overviews on developments in workplace age management undertaken by Eurofound in 2011. The first section uses Eurostat data to provide a statistical portrait of the main trends in relation to labour market participation of older workers. The second section provides pointers on how age management policy has developed at company and national level before, during and after the Great Recession.

Eurofound Yearbook 2011 - Living and working in Europe (2012)
Economic news may have improved for some Member States of the European Union in 2011, but for many citizens uncertainty about the future and the ability to maintain standards of living are ongoing issues. Eurofound’s third Yearbook reflects these realities. It presents some of the main findings of our research and describes the key developments that shape the lives and the work of European citizens and their families.

European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) Quarterly - Issue 2, July 2012 (2012)
The second issue for 2012 includes: macroeconomic trends and prospects; job creation and job losses at a glance (1/4/-30/6/2012); sectoral distribution of job losses/job gains, and top five cases; 'Solidarity contract' saves 1,000 jobs at Safilo in Italy; Working time flexibility; Airline mergers and retrenchment; Shifts in employment structure in Europe and the USA.

European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) quarterly – Issue 1, April 2012 (2012)
The first issue for 2012 includes: macroeconomic trends and prospects; job creation and job losses at a glance (1/1/-31/3/2012); sectoral distribution of job losses/job gains, and top five cases; filling the 'Nokia gap' in Jucu, Romania; restructuring support measures under the spotlight; - restructuring in the pharmaceutical sector; life and work after the offshoring of a clothing factory in the Welsh valleys.