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ESPN Flash Report 2017/76 - Portugal - Implementing the new Portuguese Homelessness Strategy: on the right track?  (2017)
Recent positive developments have occurred regarding the implementation process of the Portuguese Strategy for the Integration of Homeless Persons 2017-2023. Improvements have been made in the functioning of the operational structures which will support implementation, thus addressing some of the main challenges which led to implementation failures in the previous strategy.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/75 - Malta - New social measure initiatives in Malta’s 2018 Budget  (2017)
This report summarises and briefly comments on the nature of the new social measures announced in Malta’s 2018 budget.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/74 - Luxembourg - The public pension fund invests in affordable rented housing in Luxembourg  (2017)
Shortages of affordable rented housing for modest income households are among the major social policy problems in Luxembourg. As a way of increasing investment in such housing, the Luxemburg public pension fund agreed recently to invest in the construction of a building to be rented out as a whole to a social housing organisation working for this specific housing market segment.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/73 - Germany - Germany: Reform of care education to tackle the overall shortage of care professionals  (2017)
The Care Professions Reform Act (Pflegeberufereformgesetz) passed the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) in June 2017 and was approved by the German Federal Council (Bundesrat) in July. It is aimed at modernising care education, providing for better training conditions, strengthening the identity of care professions and thus raising the appeal of care professions in order to tackle the overall shortage of care professionals in Germany.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/72 - Norway - Changes in the attendance allowance for parents with severely ill children  (2017)
The attendance allowance (pleiepenger) is one of the key benefits in the Norwegian system for public support to families with care obligations. The law governing this benefit was amended in May 2017, and the new rules came into force from 1 October. The allowance is now available to more parents, but simultaneously – controversially – the rights of families with the heaviest and most enduring care obligations have been reduced. Due to several protests against the new rules, a new amendment is already underway in Parliament.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/71 - Latvia - Changing the funding of the Latvian compulsory healthcare system: for better or for worse?  (2017)
After the unsuccessful attempts of previous governments to reform the healthcare funding mechanism, in June 2017 the Latvian Government decided to increase the state social insurance compulsory contribution rate by 1% as of 2018, as the solution for improving healthcare funding and access to healthcare services. The Parliament approved these changes in July 2017, together with the tax reform package.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/70 - Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein’s parliament passed a draft law for equal treatment of childcare facilities with regard to public subsidies  (2017)
The Liechtenstein Childcare Contribution Regulation (KBBV), based on the Children and Young Persons Act (Kinder- und Jugendgesetz, KJG), governs family benefits for families relying on childcare outside their homes for employment-related reasons. The law is silent about the subsidy process and eligible institutions. Members of the Liechtenstein parliament demanded changes in the law in order to guarantee equal treatment for all forms of external childcare.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/69 - Liechtenstein - Proposal to increase government influence on the healthcare system in Liechtenstein  (2017)
The Liechtenstein government has submitted a proposal to the parliament to amend the current healthcare act (Gesetz über die Krankenversicherung, KVG). The proposal aims to increase government influence on the tariffs to be applied by physicians who have a contract with the compulsory health insurance and on the engagement of these contractual physicians. Thereby, the government seeks to enhance basic medical care provision.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/68 - Greece - The national roll-out of the “Social Solidarity Income” scheme in Greece  (2017)
It is only since February 2017 that Greece has a national minimum income scheme: the “Social Solidarity Income”. This scheme is means-tested and combines income support, access to services and support for labour market (re)integration. Yet, although highly welcome, its coverage is confined to households living in extreme poverty, due to very strict eligibility criteria. Moreover, the amount of the benefit can hardly ensure a dignified standard of living.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/67 - Greece - Integrating refugee and migrant children into the educational system in Greece  (2017)
As 62,300 refugees and other migrants are currently hosted in Greece, among them 20,300 children, there is an imperative need for their gradual integration. Ensuring their access to education through the implementation of special educational programmes, is a positive development in this respect. Yet gaps in the provision of education still exist, while a comprehensive action plan for education of these children needs to be developed.