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ESPN Flash Report 2017/43 - Malta - New social measure initiatives in Malta’s 2017 Budget: an update on implementation (2017)
Malta’s budgets have been consistently used by successive administrations as instruments to consolidate social policy. The budget for 2017, presented in October 2016, represents another step in this direction. This report seeks to evaluate the nature of the social measures announced in the budget, and the extent to which they have been implemented so far. Most of these measures are simply a consolidation of previous policies with “automatic implementation”, but a few are innovations that still need to be implemented.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/42 - Hungary - Reforms to the Hungarian public works scheme (2017)
All Country Specific Recommendations since 2012 have highlighted that public works, Hungary’s main active labour market policy, needs to be reformed – in particular to facilitate transitions to the primary labour market. The government has recently introduced substantial measures to modify the present scheme.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/41 - Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein’s parliament questions the government on action needed to prevent unequal treatment in the disability insurance system (2017)
In May 2017, the Liechtenstein parliament questioned the government on the accuracy of the criteria applied to people with disabilities requesting access to vocational training. They suggested that the legally defined criteria should be revised to avoid discrimination. The government refused this, arguing that there is no evidence of discrimination.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/40 - Netherlands - Challenges for the Dutch polder model (2017)
The polder model stands for consensus-oriented consultation between the social partners. Mainly due to the increasing flexibility of work and the trade unions’ declining level of organisation, this dialogue is losing impact. This is particularly visible in current debates on unemployment benefit duration and a number of recent strike announcements.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/39 - Cyprus - A bold step towards reforming healthcare in Cyprus (2017)
The Ministry of Health has managed to secure commitment by all major political parties to voting a Law that prepares the ground for the introduction of the long-planned National Health Insurance Scheme in Cyprus. This report describes the background of this development and explains why the circumstances are now favourable for implementing the much-needed healthcare reform.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/38 - Poland - Changes in the education system in Poland (2017)
The Polish education system has faced significant changes since 2016, including a change in school entry age and in the organisation of schools. Compulsory general education will be shorter, and tracking to general or vocational education secondary schools will take place earlier. These changes could have an impact on the inequality of outcomes, costs and the situation of teachers.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/37 - FYR of Macedonia - Roma Health Mediators in Macedonia: a successful model under threat?  (2017)
Since its introduction, the Roma Health Mediation programme has helped reduce obstacles to health insurance and healthcare among Roma. While widely assessed as positive, the continuation of this programme is under threat. Due to the nature of their employment contract, mediators face the same destiny as their clients – they are not able to access social insurance rights.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/36 - Croatia - New report on child poverty and household coping strategies in Croatia (2017)
A new research study points to the extreme financial and related difficulties faced by parents with school-aged children who are in receipt of Guaranteed Minimum Income (social assistance) in Croatia and makes some policy recommendations.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/35 - Turkey - Public healthcare insurance premiums reduced in Turkey (2017)
Turkey has recently reduced public healthcare insurance premiums and extended the period during which young people are covered under their parents’ insurance. Both policies are expected to reduce the number of households who do not have access to healthcare services due to their failure to pay their insurance premiums.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/34 - Bulgaria - Bulgaria lacks services for unaccompanied and separated minors (2017)
Unaccompanied and separated minors in Bulgaria do not receive adequate protection, as there are no appropriate accommodation arrangements for them. Reception systems vary greatly in quality and often pose protection risks.