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ESPN Flash Report 2017/23 - MT - “Job brokerage scheme” for migrants and refugees seeking jobs (2017)
A new initiative will do away with the current widespread practice, whereby migrants and refugees loiter at roundabouts in the hope of landing a job for a day. Once it is implemented, migrants will be given a more accessible/effective opportunity to register for work, and recruitment will be handled through a dedicated job brokerage office. This Job Brokerage Scheme should ensure that payment rates and work conditions will be according to the law.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/22 - UK - UK referendum on Brexit adds uncertainty to the problems of housing policy (2017)
In this Flash Report, the authors explain why Brexit is likely to have profound consequences for UK social policy. Housing issues, among other social policy issues, both influenced the referendum result and will be influenced by it.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/21 - Belgium - Adjustments to minimum income protection in Belgium (2017)
Despite the federal government’s commitment to raise the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) to the at-risk-of-poverty level, the GMI level remains inadequate to lift the beneficiaries out of poverty. In addition, coverage by the GMI system remains problematic, while the conditions applying to it were tightened in 2016. The current policy, by which more categories are excluded from federal macro-solidarity and have to depend on regional or local provisions, linked with stricter conditionality of the GMI, therefore involves a double risk of further exclusion, rather than a step towards better minimum protection. An in-depth evaluation should therefore be urgently considered.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/20 - United Kingdom - UK benefits restricted to two children in a family likely to increase child poverty (2017)
From April 2017 income tested cash payments are to be restricted to two children in a family. Child tax credits, housing benefit and universal credit are all affected by this policy. It is likely to increase child poverty.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/19 - United Kingdom - Universal basic income far from reality of UK’s existing social security system (2017)
Policy debate about Universal Basic Income (UBI) is increasing in the UK. The idea is not new, and has always had advocates and critics. But current interest is due to the increasing emphasis on conditionality and sanctions in the benefits system and the growing insecurity of paid work. Debates focus on arguments for and against related to principles and practical issues. A full UBI is very unlikely to be introduced in the UK in the near future, however, given public attitudes towards benefits and the means-tested emphasis of the social security system.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/18 - Netherlands - Dutch municipalities start experiment with red tape-trimmed social assistance benefits (2017)
In 2015, several Dutch municipalities announced plans to experiment with a basic income for social assistance recipients. This idea has evolved and now focusses on the effect of red tape-trimming on achieving the purpose of the law, i.e. making recipients independent from social assistance. The experiments will start as from 1 April 2017.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/17 - Estonia - The government of Estonia proposes to tie the pension age to life expectancy and increase solidarity in the state old-age pension (2017)
The government of Estonia proposes to tie retirement age to life expectancy and to have a more flexible retirement process to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the pension system. It also plans to change the pension calculation so that the first pillar pension depends less on individual earnings and more on years worked, to tackle inequality and poverty. The draft legislation will be finalised in the first quarter of 2018.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/16 - Italy - Asylum seekers and migrants in Italy: are the new migration rules consistent with integration programmes? (2017)
In February 2017, Italy adopted tougher rules to address increased migration flows. Criticisms of these rules underline that migration control should be combined with integration programmes and a long-term strategy to tackle the problems of people displaced due to war, persecution and poverty in complex and evolving geopolitical scenarios.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/15 - France - Old-age pension reforms in France: improved adequacy and sustainability but at what price? (2017)
Old-age pension reforms began in 1993 and intensified in 2010. They are producing tangible effects. The raising of the statutory pensionable age has reduced the duration of pension payments and the total amount of these payments over the entire life span. Although the pension system’s resources have increased and the deficit of the system has been contained, evaluations show that some of the gains accrued have in fact been transferred to other social expenditure.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/14 - UK - National insurance contributions and the self-employed in the UK (2017)
On 8 March, as part of his budget proposal, the UK Chancellor announced that the main rate of national insurance contributions (NICs) for the self-employed would be increased from 9% to 11% in two steps (compared to 12% for employees). The proposal was criticised, including by a number of the government’s own Members of Parliament, for breaking an election pledge not to increase VAT, income tax or NICs. The Prime Minister announced that legislation would be delayed until the autumn, and the publication of a report on the future of work. Yet, within a week the proposal was dropped, and a promise made not to increase NICs in this parliament.