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ESPN Flash Report 2017/69 - Liechtenstein - Proposal to increase government influence on the healthcare system in Liechtenstein (2017)
The Liechtenstein government has submitted a proposal to the parliament to amend the current healthcare act (Gesetz über die Krankenversicherung, KVG). The proposal aims to increase government influence on the tariffs to be applied by physicians who have a contract with the compulsory health insurance and on the engagement of these contractual physicians. Thereby, the government seeks to enhance basic medical care provision.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/68 - Greece - The national roll-out of the “Social Solidarity Income” scheme in Greece (2017)
It is only since February 2017 that Greece has a national minimum income scheme: the “Social Solidarity Income”. This scheme is means-tested and combines income support, access to services and support for labour market (re)integration. Yet, although highly welcome, its coverage is confined to households living in extreme poverty, due to very strict eligibility criteria. Moreover, the amount of the benefit can hardly ensure a dignified standard of living.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/67 - Greece - Integrating refugee and migrant children into the educational system in Greece (2017)
As 62,300 refugees and other migrants are currently hosted in Greece, among them 20,300 children, there is an imperative need for their gradual integration. Ensuring their access to education through the implementation of special educational programmes, is a positive development in this respect. Yet gaps in the provision of education still exist, while a comprehensive action plan for education of these children needs to be developed.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/66 - Sweden - Proposals to improve school performances in Sweden (2017)
A governmental School Commission proposes reforms to change the long-term trends of declining averages and increasing inequalities in learning outcomes. One key aspect caused heated political debate and another suggestion has already led to action by the Government.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/65 - Slovakia - Addressing homelessness with evidence-based policy in Slovakia (2017)
In the autumn of 2016, the first thorough census of homeless people was conducted in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. The detailed data it collected have been fed into the preparation (by the municipality of Bratislava and relevant stakeholders) of a strategic and evidence-based approach at local level. This, in turn, has encouraged the preparation of a national strategy involving all relevant stakeholders.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/64 - Latvia - Latvia is struggling to reduce the tax wedge for low income earners and to reduce the tax burden on labour (2017)
For several years already, the EU, the World Bank and the OECD have emphasised the necessity for Latvia to reduce taxation on low-income earners by shifting it to other sources that are less detrimental to growth, and by improving tax compliance. The tax policy reform approved by the government in May 2017 goes in this direction. However, at the same time, the government has raised the compulsory state social insurance contribution rate to seek additional funding for healthcare, increasing thereby the tax burden on labour.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/63 - Germany - New regulations on occupational pensions in Germany (2017)
A few months before the federal elections, the Federal Parliament passed legislation introducing far-reaching changes to the rules governing occupational pension schemes. As part of the collective bargaining process, it will now be possible to agree defined contribution occupational pension schemes without any warranty liability concerning minimum benefits or interest rates being imposed on the company. In addition, many new regulations have been incorporated into the Occupational Pensions Act.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/62 - Estonia - Estonia: Reform of the parental leave and benefit system to better reconcile work and family life (2017)
The Estonian parental leave and benefit system is facing considerable changes, to support the reconciliation of work and family life. The system will be redesigned as from September for greater flexibility and clarity. Among other changes, a “daddy-month” will be introduced to motivate fathers to use parental leave. The changes will be implemented gradually during 2018-2020.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/61 - Serbia - Debate on the early retirement scheme in Serbia (2017)
In April 2017 trade unions proposed amendments to the application of penalties for early retirement. The relevant ministry set up a working group to assess the impacts of the proposal, but the trade unions’ representative was dissatisfied with the working group’s work and left it. The outlook is uncertain, as there has been no response from the Ministry of Finance concerning the financial feasibility of the proposal.

ESPN Flash Report 2017/60 - Austria - Austria: Recourse to the assets of people in inpatient long-term care to be abolished as from 1 January 2018 (2017)
The assets of people in inpatient long-term care (LTC) will in future no longer have to be utilised before the provider of Social Assistance steps in to bear costs not covered by other individual financial resources. It is possible that this will cause a structural modification of the Austrian long-term care regime, as demand for inpatient LTC is likely to rise substantially.