Access City Award

The European Commission has defined the eligibility and Evaluation criteria to be respected in order to participate in the Access City Award:

Eligibility criteria

For competition applications to be eligible:

Evaluation criteria

  1. Scope of the actions/initiatives

    The applicant shall provide a description of actions/initiatives covering all four Award areas whether already implemented or at the planning stage. The successful applicant is expected to demonstrate a global approach and an ambitious vision for the future in tackling accessibility in the city.

  2. Ownership, level of commitment

    The applications should demonstrate that the actions/initiatives in these different areas are part of a global strategy or policy framework, rather than just ad-hoc projects.

    The accessibility strategy, following design-for-all, should be included in the city’s policies and its regulations. Appropriate resources (staff, budget, etc…) should be allocated to implement these policies.

  3. Impact

    The city’s policies/initiatives should have a demonstrable impact on the everyday life of the city and persons with disabilities. The applicants should therefore include qualitative and quantitative data to support claims of success. Planned initiatives and policies will be considered for their coherence and potential impact.

  4. Quality and sustainability of results

    The quality of results is defined in terms of improvements made to the level of accessibility and its compliance with standards and legislation.

    Delivering sustainable results to ensure the full accessibility requires continuous efforts, the establishment of a sound structure and monitoring mechanisms (for regularly checking accessibility, notifying and repairing problems, handling complaints etc.).

  5. Involvement of persons with disabilities and relevant partners

    Active and clear involvement of persons with disabilities, their representative organisations, and accessibility experts should be demonstrated in both the planning, implementation and maintenance of city’s policies and initiatives aimed at increased accessibility. 

Award process

Applications will be screened by the Award Secretariat for eligibility and forwarded to National Juries for evaluation.

The role of the Award Secretariat is to ensure that the competition rules and procedures are adhered to and that the process is open and transparent.

It is responsible for the organisation of national juries, supports their work and submits national nominees to the European Jury.

The Award Secretariat also provides ongoing assistance to applicants.

Four cities will be selected by the European Jury to be presented at the Award Ceremony which will take place during the European Day of People with Disabilities Conference on 2-3 December 2010 in Brussels, where the winner will be announced.

The European Jury will make its decision based on a standard set of evaluation criteria to ensure there are consistency, transparency and equity in the process.

The criteria used and their weight are specified in the table below. The applicants who at the national level do not obtain at least 60 points cannot become national nominees and they will not be admitted to the European level of the competition.  

Criterion Maximum No. of points
1. Scope of the initiatives/actions (Action across the four Award areas) 25
2. Ownership, level of commitment 25
3. Impact, quality and sustainability of results 25
4. Involvement of persons with disabilities and relevant partners 25