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Better regulation

Better regulation is about designing EU policies and laws so that they achieve their objectives at minimum cost. It ensures that policy is prepared, implemented and reviewed in an open, transparent manner, informed by the best available evidence and backed up by involving stakeholders.

To ensure that EU action is effective, the Commission assesses the expected and actual impacts of policies, legislation and other important measures at every stage of the policy cycle - from planning to implementation, to review and subsequent revision.

The Commission publishes regularly provisional dates of adoption of Commission initiativespdf.

REFIT Platform – Call for expressions of interest

The Commission calls for expressions of interest for membership in the newly created REFIT platform which will advise the Commission on initiatives to reduce regulatory burdens of EU law.

The call for expressions of interest is addressed to representatives of business, including SMEs, social partners and civil society organisations, having direct experience in the application of EU legislation.

Deadline for applications: 1 September 2015

Before the EU takes action

During EU action

  • Once implemented for a sufficient period of time, initiatives are evaluated to check their performance against standard criteria.
  • REFIT (Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme) identifies opportunities to reduce regulatory burdens and simplify existing laws in order to ensure that the objectives of the legislation or policy can be reached in a more effective and efficient way.

Stakeholder consultations

Stakeholders are able to express their views over the entire life-cycle of a policy. Right from the very start of an initiative, they have the possibility to provide feedback on roadmaps and inception impact assessments. The Commission also actively consults citizens and other stakeholders during the preparation of all major policy initiatives. Stakeholders can also react on Commission proposals once they are adopted as well as on the accompanying impact assessment.

Regulatory Scrutiny Board

The Regulatory Scrutiny Board provides a central quality control and support function for Commission impact assessment and evaluation work. The Board examines and issues opinions on all the Commission's draft impact assessments and of major evaluations and "fitness checks" of existing legislation. In principle, a positive opinion is needed from the Board for an initiative accompanied by an impact assessment to be tabled for adoption by the Commission.

Lighten the load - Have your say!

The Commission would like to hear your views on how to make EU laws more effective and efficient via an online contact form. Your suggestions will be examined by the Commission and may be used to identify actions for simplification and burden reduction within the REFIT programme. The Commission publishes relevant contributions and feedback.

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