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Planned impact assessments – "Roadmaps" - Impact Assessment


Roadmaps give a first description of planned Commission initiatives. They describe the problem that the initiative aims to address and possible policy options. They also provide an overview of the different planned stages in the development of the initiative, including consultation of stakeholders and impact assessment work. If an impact assessment will not be carried out, the Roadmap explains why.

Roadmaps allow stakeholders to be informed about the Commission's work and to feed in comments at an early stage. They also allow them to plan and organise their participation in the public consultation.

Roadmaps are required for Commission initiatives that may have significant direct economic, social or environmental impacts, covering:

  • legislative proposals
  • non-legislative initiatives (white papers, action plans, financial programmes, negotiating guidelines for international agreements)
  • implementing measures and delegated acts

Initiatives that are not expected to have significant direct impacts do not require a roadmap or an impact assessment.

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