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Key procedural steps for the Commission /smart-regulation/impact - Impact Assessment

Key procedural steps for the Commission /smart-regulation/impact

  1. Planning of impact assessment (IA): Roadmap, integration in the Commission's strategic planning and programming (SPP) cycle and timetable.
  2. Work closely with your IA support unit throughout all steps of the IA process.
  3. Set up an impact assessment steering group and involve it in all IA work phases.
  4. Consult interested parties, collect expertise and analyse the results.
  5. Carry out the IA analysis.
  6. Present the findings in the IA report.
  7. Present the draft IA report together with the executive summary to the Impact Assessment Board (IAB) and take into account the possible time needed to resubmit a revised version.
  8. Finalise the IA report in the light of the IAB's recommendations.
  9. IA report and IAB opinion(s) go into inter-service consultation alongside the proposal.
  10. Submission of IA report, executive summary, IAB opinion(s) and proposal to the College of Commissioners.
  11. Transmission of the IA report and the executive summary with the proposal to the other EU institutions.
  12. Final IA report and IAB opinion(s) published on dedicated Europa website.
  13. In the light of new information or on request from the EP or the Council, the Commission may decide to update the IA report.