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Commission Impact Assessment Guidelines - Impact Assessment

Commission Impact Assessment Guidelines

The Impact Assessment Guidelines – SEC(2009) 92 pdf(801 kB) Choose translations of the previous link set quality standards and give general guidance to the Commission services carrying out impact assessment work. Further thematic guidance documents support the assessment of specific impacts.

In preparation for an ongoing revision of the 2009 Guidelines, the Commission has commissioned a studypdf(4 MB) to review different methods for assessing costs and benefits of regulation. The study neither prefigures the content of the revised Guidelines nor commits the European Commission.

The main steps of the Commission's IA work are:

  1. Planning of Impact assessment (IA): Establishing the need for an IA. Roadmap drafting and publication.
  2. Setting up an IA steering group: Involving all relevant Commission services in the preparation of the IA.
  3. Consulting interested parties, collecting expertise and data.
  4. Carrying out the IA analysis.
  5. Presenting the findings in the draft IA report.
  6. IABpdf(801 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  scrutiny and recommendations (opinion) on the draft IA report.
  7. Revised IA report & IAB opinion(s) go into inter-service consultation along with the draft proposal.
  8. IA report, executive summary, IAB opinion(s) & proposal submitted to College of Commissioners.
  9. Final IA report, executive summary & adopted proposal transmitted to other EU institutions and published on Europapdf(801 kB) Choose translations of the previous link .