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Innovation for eco-protection - recycling is profitable

May 2013

Bibiana Ferrari, CEO, Relight © euronews 2013

Founded in 1999 and today employing 70 people, Italian company Relight is playing an underpinning role in today’s innovating society, recycling used TVs and transforming them into attractive ceramic tiles.

They are part of a group of businesses under the Glass Plus project, a European Commission Eco-Innovation program giving old TV screens a second life.

For Relight, this is a win-win - providing an important sustainable environmental service, while in 2011 their annual turnover reached €8 million. As Relight CEO Bibiana Ferrari explained, “My factory is making profit, creating jobs and has a self-sustaining system”.

With recycled glass added to a clay mixture to make ceramic tiles, this Glass Plus project has produced 500 000 square metres of ceramic tiles to date, which Glass Plus project coordinator Davide Carra explained, “means we have recycled 2 500 tons of glass from old televisions”.

Using recycled glass also significantly reduces dependency on imported raw materials. “This is very important for us” explained ceramics manufacturer Refin´s General Manage Arnold Stabinger, “because we always focus on innovation, high quality and design”.

For Relight´s Bibiana Ferrari though, the three keys to success in this field are, “Focusing on development and research, spending a lot of energy and effort on environmental issues, and the ability to process waste in accordance with industrial needs.”

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