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Women entrepreneurs could be answer to the crisis

March 2013

Adrienn Koronczi, Deputy Managing Director of INTER-GEP, and Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs © euronews 2013

The European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs is a network of tutors who provide support and encourage women to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs.

However, there is still a long way to go - female entrepreneurs make up only 34.4% of the self-employed in the EU and their share in start-ups is around 30%. One such entrepreneur is Adrienn Koronczi, deputy manager of a factory in Hungary, which produces spare parts for the car industry, she is also one of 12 mentors for women entrepreneurs in Hungary.

For more than 10 years, Adrienn has also taught management techniques, a useful stepping stone to her voluntary work as a mentor. She is currently mentor to two entrepreneurs and her motivation, she explains, is “To share my experience in a national and multinational environment, especially in large and medium-sized businesses, to help my mentees succeed in their own business.”

One of the her mentees is Bernadett Vucskó, owner of Maprofa Informatika, who like many young entrepreneurs had trouble making sense of the complex accounts system, which is where Adrienn’s experience came in handy. “Now I know exactly what I’m supposed to expect from my accountant,” explained Bernadett, “what I need to look out for, and how I need to plan things ahead to get the results I need.”

Adrienn has also gained a lot from the exchange, not least developing her own network. “Through this mentor programme, we meet new entrepreneurs. And I think that developing such a network is really important.”

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