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Green makeover breathes fresh energy into Vienna city hotel

January 2013 Hotel Stadthalle, Vienna – photovoltaic system [authorisation for use to be requested]

The first urban hotel in the world to achieve a zero energy balance received a helping hand from the EU to make the necessary investments. The reduced emissions benefit the environment, but are also good for business.

The Boutique Hotel Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria, is a small business with a small carbon footprint – producing only as much energy as it consumes.

By investing €700 000 in rainwater collection, recycling drinking water, LED lighting, solar panels, water pumps and other innovative systems to bring down CO2 emissions, owner Michaela Reiterer has turned Hotel Stadthalle into an environmentally-friendly business.

“Normally, in a 3-star hotel in Austria, the energy benchmark is around 6-7 %, but we have 2 % energy costs. So, it really saves money,” she points out. This has enabled her to invest in improved services and communications, and “We have nearly doubled our staff numbers.”

This boost could be achieved thanks to funding received from the EU’s Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme. The programme offers project funding to support more energy efficiency and the use of renewables.

The green hotel served as a reference for the ‘HES e-toolkit ’. Set up by the World Tourism Organisation under the IEE programme, it allows small businesses in the accommodation sector to assess their energy use and receive tailor-made recommendations.

Over 400 European hoteliers have already made use of the tool.

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