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A new life cycle for old tyres

February 2013

    Lorry unloading used tyres for recycling ©WIL AG    

A small tyre manufacturing business in Poland has teamed up with an Austrian engineering and research institute to develop an environmentally-friendly solution for used tyres. This win-win partnership was made possible thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network.

Jacek Orzeł, president of the Polish small business Orzeł SA, selling tyres to carmakers and end users, turned to the Network in his search for a green and more cost-efficient solution for used tyres.

The Network’s branch at Lublin University of Technology got in touch with the Austrian national research support institute FFG, which referred Orzeł’s request to WIL AG.

This Vienna-based small business builds turn-key tyre-recycling plants worldwide. The two companies signed a deal to set up a recycling line on Orzeł’s premises in Poland.  The recycling line is now up and running, and eight new jobs have been created.

WIL’s recycled rubber parts are now being sold to clients throughout Europe, which includes makers of safety mats and sports arenas.

“Not only will we benefit from WIL’s technological know-how, but they also provide a market for used tyres.” says Jacek Orzeł. Yediyar Isik, WIL AG CEO, is also pleased with the new partnership, “We hope to work together for many years to come.”

The new line can recycle up 15 000 tyres per year. This represents more than 10% of all tyres recycled in Poland.


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