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Cashing in on the business circuit

August 2013

electronic circuit board © iStockphoto, Kryczka   

Looking to expand into new markets abroad, but not sure how to set about locating a competent and trustworthy international partner - then you should turn to the Enterprise Europe Network.   

Terapo, based in central Slovakia, installs electrical equipment on-site and assembles printed circuit boards (PCBs). While in the Netherlands, H&F Electronics, develops high-performance semi-finished and end-products, including components for assembling PCBs.

The Enterprise Europe Network was able to bring these two innovative firms together. In April 2008, Terapo participated in a business fair organised by the Network, based at Slovakia’s National Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (NADSME). Two months later, Terapo and H&F Electronics signed a partnership agreement, with the Dutch company shipping PCB parts to Terapo.

“This kind of event, combined with all the other valuable Network services, helps entrepreneurs in all sectors expand their horizons,” says Network consultant Olga Nemethova. “Because we had been working with Terapo for some time, the managers know they can rely on us for any query they might have in growing their business.”

Terapo CEO Libor Kevicky, was equally positive, “Thanks to this agreement, our PCB business is booming,” adding that “Both partners are stronger by working together.”  

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