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London calling Porto: joining forces to help music travel overseas

August 2012

Retox Musiclinic

Portuguese start-up entrepreneur Rita Maia set up her event management micro-business, Ilha da Fantasia, in Porto to bring art and music into the streets. Thanks to the EU-funded Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme, she worked for an experienced music entrepreneur in London for 6-months to learn the tricks of the trade.

The aim of the this European exchange programme for entrepreneurs is to provide new entrepreneurs with the skills needed to start and run a small business while enabling host entrepreneurs to benefit from fresh ideas.

The programme paired Ms Maia up with Dr Alick Sethi, founder of the micro-business Retox Musiclinic which helps artists and distribution companies access the music market.

The creative European partnership between Dr Sethi and Ms Maia turned out to be a win-win experience: “Rita has brought more than I expected … on the marketing side and social networking”, Dr Sethi explains.

For Ms Maia, it has jump-started her businesses in establishing contacts with producers, studios and promising musicians. “The most important thing I learned was how Alick created his own business and developed it”, she stresses.

The EU scheme operates through local contact points, business expertise and the provision of financial support for the stay abroad.

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