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Barcelona knows how to coach entrepreneurs

June 2011

Barcelona Activa

In 2004 the City of Barcelona set up a single reference point to help entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship in the area. Since then, Barcelona Activa has been a huge success.

Barcelona Activa is an enterprise centre which helps local entrepreneurs and others wishing to set up their own business in Barcelona. Its core activities include training, coaching, the organisation of networking events, and helping out with innovation. It provides businesses with practical IT advice in its advanced technology park. Barcelona Activa's training sessions are tailor-made and arranged both on-site and online, giving entrepreneurs easy access to them. Events organised by the centre register an annual 220,000 participants.

Barcelona Activa has had a major impact on entrepreneurship and employment in the city: 134,000 people have undergone training, and 6,214 businesses and 11,800 jobs have been created.

The Grand Prize of the European Enterprise Awards 2011 is being awarded to Barcelona Activa at the awards ceremony in Budapest on 24 May. The 2011 awards marked the fifth edition of the European Enterprise Awards, an initiative of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry. In total, 399 projects in 29 European countries - 24 EU countries plus Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey - competed in the 2011 awards.

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