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SOLVIT makes life easier for businesses by resolving legislative problems

August 2010

Swedish pool-cleaning pump

If businesses encounter problems in complex international situations, they can turn to the SOLVIT network for help. That's how a Swedish manufacturer of pool-cleaning equipment won permission to continue selling its products in France despite an initial ban.

France had denied access to its markets for a Swedish firm's portable swimming-pool pumps. The pumps' maximum voltage of 12V AC when people are in the water was compliant with EU rules, but France said this voltage applied both when people were in the pool and when the pool was empty. The Swedish company contacted SOLVIT to clarify the situation, as the rules were no longer clear-cut.

SOLVIT ascertained that the French rule applied only to fixed pumps, whereas the Swedish company's relevant pumps were portable and to be used when no one was actually in the water. Thanks to this clarification from SOLVIT, the Swedish company won permission to carry on selling in France.

It took 15 weeks to solve the case, but usually SOLVIT aims to process business cases in just 10 weeks, so that businesses do not lose out financially as a result of protracted waiting periods or court cases.

All European businesses have a right to sell their services and products in other EU countries. The complex rules and regulations sometimes make everyday business life difficult. SOLVIT is a free contact service for Europeans wishing to ask and/or complain about European legislation. If national or local authorities have made a mistake or are unaware of what European law says, SOLVIT will examine the case. There are 30 SOLVIT centres in Europe to help businesses which feel they have not been treated fairly in accordance with the principles of the internal market.

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