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FAQs - Small Business Portal

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  1. SME Definition
  2. Funding and financing
  3. International activities
  4. Statistics
  5. Links to/from the European Small Business Portal

SME Definition

Funding and financing

International activities

  • I want to develop my business in another Member State and/or outside the EU. How can I get in touch with potential foreign economic partners?

    In the portal you have access to information about European programmes to help enterprises "go international" here:

    Furthermore, we strongly suggest that you contact your local Enterprise Europe Network partner, who can put you in touch with business partners in the EU and beyond as well as giving you one-to-one advice and support in applying for EU funding.

    You can find the contact details of the Enterprise Europe Network member nearest to you here:


Links to/from the European Small Business Portal

  • Would it be possible to advertise the link of my firm/agency/initiative on the Small Business portal?

    Our criteria for including links on the Small Business Portal are that they should be relevant to SMEs, have a European dimension (i.e. concern not just one Member State), and - where they are external sites - have a close link with the European Commission, such as being funded by the EU etc. We do not link to commercial or fee-paying sites.

    The European Commission's DG Enterprise and Industry also manages a portal which specialises in country-specific information for SMEs interested in doing business in another Member State: the Your Europe - Business portal

  • Is it possible to use the information on the Small Business portal in other websites or publications?

    Data from the European Small Business portal may be used to feed other websites, as long as the correct source is quoted.

    The following rules apply:

    Links to the European Small Business can be created from any website provided that the following conditions are met:

    • links should be illustrated with official logos and/or trademarks owned and/or licensed by the European institutions and should comply with the instructions provided in the Information Providers Guide ( If logos or trademarks cannot be used, textual links are also allowed (for example: "Further information is available from the European Small Business portal"), subject to the conditions below;
    • links should be made only to pages displaying the short hypertext notice referring to the disclaimer and copyright notices;
    • when accessing the European Small Business portal pages via a link, it should be perfectly clear to users that they are viewing information that is not exclusive or dependent on a fee for access;
    • equally important and related to the above point is that links should not be put in a context which could make users believe that the European institutions endorse, or support the objectives or contents of the other website, or the organisation managing it;
    • if links are made from a frames-based website, the pages should not be displayed as frames within that website in such a way that users might thereby misunderstand the true origin of the pages;
    • as soon as a link has been established, the European Small Business portal webmaster ( should be notified by transmission of the URL of the page where the link appears, enabling him/her to check if the above guidelines have been respected by the other website.

    But what is an SME?


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