Young Scientists Contest


The 19th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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To contact the winners or any of the other contestants, please get in touch with the national organiser for their country. Details can be found on the National Organisers contacts page.

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Biological Science - Israel


Project: Molecular Identification and Characterization of Phytoplasma Bacteria in Grapevines – Another Milestone Saving the Wine Industry

Presented by: Yael Amarilyo

Chemistry - Hungary


Project: Examination of the plants’ self-defence against pests

Presented by: Márton Spohn

Engineering - Austria


Project: Latent heat storage system (Salt crystals as a new energy storage technology)

Presented by: Julian Glechner, Werner Pollhammer, David Stockinger

Engineering - Germany


Project: SmartCam – Development of a universal 3D-Camera

Presented by: Florian Schnös

Environmental Science - Austria


Project: Energy from maize straw

Presented by: Martina Hafner

Environmental Science - France


Project: Can we walk on water ?

Presented by: Anne-Laure Delaye, Aude Latrive, Astrid Verpeaux

Mathematics - Czech Republic


Project: Generalization of method of tiling in triangular and hexagonal grid

Presented by: Eva Černohorská

Mathematics - Ireland


Project: An Extension of Wiener’s Attack on RSA Encryption

Presented by: Abdusalam Abubakar

Physics - Germany


Project: Flashing Water Drops

Presented by: Florian Ostermaier, Henrike Wilms