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The 19th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

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Biological Science - Estonia


Project: Lesser Redpoll (Carduelis flammea cabaret) – a new bird-species in Estonia

Presented by: Hillar Liiv

Biological Science - Israel


Project: Molecular Identification and Characterization of Phytoplasma Bacteria in Grapevines – Another Milestone Saving the Wine Industry

Presented by: Yael Amarilyo

Biological Science - Latvia


Project: Revision of ichneumon wasp (Ichneumonidae, Hymenoptera) tribus Protichneumonini in Latvia

Presented by: Ugis Piterans

Biological Science - Russia


Project: Microbiological pollution of a personal computer

Presented by: Tatyana Pushkareva

Biological Science - Slovenia


Project: The effect of substrate density on pit building decision and pit size in antlion larvae (Euroleon nostras)

Presented by: Petra Devetak

Biological Science - Sweden


Project: Iron oxidizing bacteria in a new environment

Presented by: Maria Hallbeck , Kajsa Kroneld Viktorsson, Maria Ulnes

Biological Science - Sweden


Project: Rapid evolution in bearded reedling (Panurus biarmicus)

Presented by: Johan Jensen

Biological Science - USA


Project: The Secret in Mimosa's Leaf Folding Pattern

Presented by: Natnaree Siriwon, Korawich Niyomsatian, Nathaphon Supokaivanich

Biology - Bulgaria


Project: GMOs – Enthusiasm or fear

Presented by: YavorPlamenov Denchev

Biology - Norway


Project: Do the spices cayenne pepper, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and cloves inhibit fungus growth?

Presented by: Sravanthi Devulapalli

Biotechnology - Denmark


Project: More Efficient and Cheaper Methods for Bioethanol Production

Presented by: Christoffer Norn, Sebastian Thrane

Chemistry - Austria


Project: Synthesis of a linker molecule for self-assembled monolayers (SAM)

Presented by: Philipp Zagar

Chemistry - Hungary


Project: Examination of the plants’ self-defence against pests

Presented by: Márton Spohn

Chemistry - Latvia


Project: Production of nano-architectures by electronic methods

Presented by: Riders Armands

Chemistry - Lithuania


Project: Zinc and zinc alloys galvanic coatings: structure homogeneity determines resistance to corrosion

Presented by: Milda Jurénaité, Rasa Briedyté

Chemistry - Poland


Project: Bi-functional cross-linking reagents as a means of establishing spatial protein structure

Presented by: Dominik Cysewski, Pawel Gniewek

Chemistry - Russia


Project: The study of steel corrosion inhibitors synergism

Presented by: Igor Burlak

Chemistry - Slovenia


Project: Collection of minerals and rocks at upper secondary school of electrical and computer engineering Ljubljana

Presented by: Marinka Žitnik

Chemistry - Spain


Project: The 607: antiretroviral compound. QSAR study of TIBO molecules

Presented by: Pau Machado Granados

Chemistry - Ukraine


Project: "Synthesis of biomaterial biphase composite hydroxyapatite-β-tricalcium phosphate

Presented by: Olena Shynkaruk Olena

Chemistry - United Kingdom


Project: Absorption of Ions: Investigation into the Removal of Chromium Ions from Water

Presented by: Anna Ressel

Computer Science - Finland


Project: Finding optimal tactics with a genetic algorithm

Presented by: Joel Kaasinen

Computer Science - Italy


Project: Physical discrete time modelling of a vibrant string to the synthesis of sound

Presented by: Dario Corbetta

Computer Science - United Kingdom


Project: An XML Based Project Management System For The Innovation Funding Incentive (Ix, Ypsilon, Z)

Presented by: Mike Brownbill

Earth Sciences - Turkey


Project: A New Hot Water Source Established With The Environmentally Friendly Zeolite

Presented by: Seyma Savas, Kevser Uz

Ecology - Georgia


Project: The method of protection georgian rivers from sawdust pollution

Presented by: Lasha Nazgaidze

Engineering - Austria


Project: Latent heat storage system (Salt crystals as a new energy storage technology)

Presented by: Julian Glechner, Werner Pollhammer, David Stockinger

Engineering - China


Project: Pedal Keyboard Input System

Presented by: Cong Xiu, Yingqi Wu, Shenyuan Liu

Engineering - Czech Republic


Project: JTR dry slipper clutch for Ducati and its racing use

Presented by: Josef Valihrach, Tomáš Nevídal

Engineering - Denmark


Project: Improved Efficiency and Less Pollution of Two-Stroke Motors

Presented by: Jesper Lykke Rasmussen, Michael Madsen

Engineering - Denmark


Project: Why Drop the Fun – When the Drip Is On?

Presented by: Tobias Maduro Nørbo

Engineering - Estonia


Project: Synthesizer of vowels of Estonian language

Presented by: Mihkel Aamer

Engineering - Germany


Project: SmartCam – Development of a universal 3D-Camera

Presented by: Florian Schnös

Engineering - Iceland


Project: ICY gripping System

Presented by: Jónsson, Sigurður Freyr Kristinsson

Engineering - Italy


Project: Water Rockets

Presented by: Gabriele Maini

Engineering - Portugal


Project: Construction a water-cooling system for computer components

Presented by: João Pedro Campos Amaral

Engineering - Spain


Project: The Pantheon: A Building, An Universe. The Pantheon and its relation with the sun

Presented by: Angel Solanellas Terés

Engineering - United Kingdom


Project: FSC11 – The flexible TV standby controller

Presented by: Galen Brown

Environmental Science - Austria


Project: Energy from maize straw

Presented by: Martina Hafner

Environmental Science - China


Project: Polluting Property and Dispersion Rule of Airborne Allergenic Pollen in Urban Areas

Presented by: Xin Yan

Environmental Science - France


Project: The Hydrogen Boat

Presented by: Sylvain Chevalier, Etienne Farine, Camille Simondon

Environmental Science - France


Project: Can we walk on water ?

Presented by: Anne-Laure Delaye, Aude Latrive, Astrid Verpeaux

Environmental Science - Italy


Project: ASTRO water purification. Active Sludge Treatments fOr water purification

Presented by: Matteo Brichese, Pietro Liuzzo Scorpo, Ivan Passalent

Environmental Science - Malta


Project: Electrostatic Soot Absorber

Presented by: Rachel Debattista, Antonella Scerri, Simon Theuma

Environmental Science - Portugal


Project: Anaerobic Reactor UASB

Presented by: Estela Alexandra Domingos Vicente, Mariana Monteiro Batista

Environmental Science - Slovakia


Project: Toxic influence of mercury and cadmium on Artemia salina development

Presented by: Milan Maretta

Environmental Science - Turkey


Project: Gaining Lithium and Cobalt by recycling Lithiun and Cobalt batteries and prevention environmental effects

Presented by: Tunc Nadir Özcan

Information / Computer Science - Hungary


Project: Recognition of movement pattern by means of computer

Presented by: Dániel István Buza

Information / Computer Science - Switzerland


Project: Neural networks – simulation and application in strategy games

Presented by: Daniel Meister, Tobias Schlatter

Information / Computer Science - Switzerland


Project: Simulations on the sphere: Distribution of Points and Calculations of Energy

Presented by: Lucas Broennimann, Martin Lanter

Mathematics - Belarus


Project: Geometry in the bounded spaces

Presented by: Svyatoslav Babinets, Sergey Shilkevich

Mathematics - Belarus


Project: Almost Central Symmetry

Presented by: Michael Glushenko, Pavel Perestoronin

Mathematics - Bulgaria


Project: Irreducibility of polynomials

Presented by: Momchil Preslavov Konstantinov, Ivan Rumenov Penchev

Mathematics - Czech Republic


Project: Generalization of method of tiling in triangular and hexagonal grid

Presented by: Eva Černohorská

Mathematics - Hungary


Project: SmartDiff

Presented by: István Csanády

Mathematics - Ireland


Project: An Extension of Wiener’s Attack on RSA Encryption

Presented by: Abdusalam Abubakar

Mathematics - Norway


Project: Population models -by looking at four well known population models: exponential growth, the Schaefer model, the competitive species model, the prey-predator model, I will try to fit them to the cod stock in the Barents Sea during the period from 1962 to 1990

Presented by: Maria Teresa Bezem

Mathematics - Turkey


Project: The Integer Values Of Algebraic Expressions And Some New Properties Of Binomial Coefficients

Presented by: Mustafa Hamidoglu

Medical Science - Georgia


Project: Disease of age – Osteochondrosis and overweight: Mechanisms of weight action and vertebral column

Presented by: Lasha Gorgoshidze

Medical Science - Israel


Project: Dental Implant

Presented by: Diana Galstyan, Eugencia Kossoy, Victoria Evelkin

Medicine/Microbiology - Czech Republic


Project: Enterococci Isolated from the Human Urogenital Tract

Presented by: Milan Trojének

Medicine - Lithuania


Project: ACE genotype - the promising genetic marker of heart diseases

Presented by: Aurelija Judita Abraityté

Molecular Biology - Georgia


Project: Application of modern molecular biological methods for resolving of different research problems - first steps of young researchers in life science

Presented by: Giorgi Nadiradze, Aleksandra Kherkheulidze

Physics (Astronomy) - Germany


Project: Impact Probability of Asteroids on Earth

Presented by: Raphael Errani

Physics (Astronomy) - Slovakia


Project: The study of symbiotic star BF Cygni

Presented by: Ľubomír Urbančok

Physics/Engineering - Sweden


Project: Construction and analysis of a Tesla coil

Presented by: Robert Piehl-Fridqvist, David Andersson

Physics - Belarus


Project: Stop a moment

Presented by: Aliaksei Aksiutsik,Andrej Andreyeu

Physics - European Schools


Project: Consequences of the existence of a boson for gravitational force

Presented by: Lucas Fiévet, Andreas Tomik

Physics - Germany


Project: Flashing Water Drops

Presented by: Florian Ostermaier, Henrike Wilms

Physics - Israel


Project: Towards Scanning a Biological Live Cell with the SNIM (Scanning Near-Field IR Microscope)

Presented by: Nancy El-Basel

Physics - Latvia


Project: Late star spectral classification in selected areas of the sky

Presented by: Janis Putnins, Reinis Bizuns

Physics - Poland


Project: Synthesising and measuring superconducting Sodium Cobalt Oxide (NaxCoO2) crystals

Presented by: Radoslaw Tomasz Chrapkiewicz

Physics - Poland


Project: Influence of coal-fired power stations on the concentration of radioisotopes in the environment

Presented by: Grzegorz Mazur

Physics - Russia


Project: The dynamics of the panic-stricken crowd

Presented by: Julia Ogluzdina, Artyom Zavideev

Physics - Slovakia


Project: Flowing of free surface liquid and drop formation

Presented by: Annamária Šofranková, Viktó ria Soltészová

Physics - Switzerland


Project: Spectral analysis of Electroencephalograms for Classification by Neural Networks

Presented by: Raphael Blaser, Eric Stassen

Social Science - Bulgaria


Project: Possibilities of people with hearing loss to preceive sounds

Presented by: Slaveya Angelova Angelska

Social Science - Lithuania


Project: Lithuanian youth interest in science

Presented by: Renata Rabovič, Austé Cijūnėlytė

Social Science - Portugal


Project: Attitudes towards paternity

Presented by: Claudia Marina Azevedo Domingos, Ines Isabelle Gomes dos Santos, Vanessa Santos Carvalho

Surface Chemistry / Medicine - Finland


Project: Effects of Nicotine on a Primary Lipid of Lung Surfactant: Testing the Stability and Efficiency Using Subphases of Different Ion Strengths and pH

Presented by: Klaara Kannisto