Young Scientists Contest


The 18th European Union Contest for Young Scientists

High-Resolution photos of the 1st to 3rd prize winners

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First Prize - Austria First Prize - Germany First Prize - Poland

Project title: Development of a completely new de-ice system for aircraft
Field: Engineering

Michael KAISER
Age: 19
City/Region: Muenchendorf
School: The Higher Technical School in Eisenstadt (Austria) for Mechanical Engineering focused on Aeronautical Engineering
Career intention: Pilot
Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Sail plane flying, engine driven plane flying,
going out

Johannes KIENL
Age: 19
City/Region: Rauchenwarth
School: The Higher Technical School in Eisenstadt (Austria) for Mechanical Engineering focused on Aeronautical Engineering
Career intention: Pilot
Hobbies: reading, gliding a sail plane, going out

The advanced de-ice system was planned by Michael Kaiser and Johannes Kienl in cooperation with two offices of technical engineers. It can be used to de-ice all important airfoils of aircraft and wind power stations. The device can be attached to an aircraft’s wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers and the rotors of wind power stations. Expansion of a heated metal layer is used to push the existing ice off the wings of an airplane. So heat and power are only required when ice exists. That’s the biggest difference compared to conventional anti-ice systems. One of these systems -called “Bleed Air System”- has to heat the airfoils constantly and always requires power, when the airplane is in danger zones. The advanced deicing system has advantages in weight, dimensions, efficiency and the power required.



Project title: Flight curves of table-tennis balls
Field: Physics

Alexander JOOS
Age: 19
City/Region: Steinen
School: Hans-Thoma-Gymnasium Loerrach
Career intention: Physicist
Hobbies: Basketball, snowboarding, hang out with friends, trombone, athletics

Johannes BURKART
Age: 20
City/Region: Ruemmingen
School: Hans-Thoma-Gymnasium Loerrach
Career intention: Physicist
Hobbies: hang out with friends, ski and football, piano and bass guitar

Table-tennis probably is one of the fastest sports in the world for both players and spectators. How professionals nevertheless manage to place balls exactly on the edge of the table and how they put pressure on their opponent with topspins as hard as nails, fascinated J. Burkart and A. Joos. Their project aims to physically understand and simulate the curve of the flying ball. At the beginning of their work the young scientists analysed those balls coming out of a training machine with a computer and found out that even loopings were possible. Eventually, they compared flight curve experiments and simulated trajectories and found an excellent agreement. Thye thereby verified simulation, made it possible to imitate several real table-tennis situations



Project title: Synthesis of 1-(7-methoxy-
ethylamino]propan-2-ol, potential β-adrenoreceptor antagonist
Field: Chemistry

Age: 19
City/Region: Rzeszów
School: Nicolaus Copernicus High School No. 4 in Rzeszów
Career intention: Chemist
Hobbies: Chemistry, Music, Traveling

Heart diseases are the most dangerous killers of humans. One of the methods of neutralizing these diseases is to treat them with drugs from the family of β-blockers, the examples of which are propranolol and metoprolol. In his project Tomek carried out a complex organic chemistry synthesis of a new compound that would probably extend the family of β-blockers with a new efficient drug. Tomek explains how the known β-blockers act and describes the biochemical principles of their action. He presents the process of designing his synthesis and its individual steps.

Second Prize - Germany Second Prize - Poland Second Prize - Hungary

Project title: Radial velocity measurement of spectroscopic binaries
Field: Earth Science

Thomas GIGL
Age: 19


Project title: On a geometric transformation relating the Euler and Nagel lines
Field: Mathematics

Age: 19

Project title: New diagnostic method to define the errors of the apoptosis program
Field: Earth Science

Age: 18

Csaba VASS
Age: 19

Third Prize - Bulgaria Third Prize - Ireland

Project title: A method of measurement of refractive indices, birefringence and thickness of a thin anisopotropic layer
Field: Physics

Age: 18


Project title: The development and evaluation of a biological food spoilage indicator
Field: Biology

Aisling JUDGE
Age: 15