Young Scientists Contest


The European Union Contest for Young Scientists

Budapest 2003—Press Centre

The 15th EU contest for Young Scientists was held in Budapest from 20-26 September 2003. It included an exhibition of 75 projects from 37 countries and an award ceremony on 25 September.

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  • Some pictures from the award ceremony (click for high-resolution versions)

    the-swan-f1050002.jpg (822372 bytes) germany-f1030002.jpg (733443 bytes) hungary-nemeth-f1060001.jpg (51626 bytes) uk-kroto-f1010007.jpg (666751 bytes) germany-treske-f1030001.jpg (672478 bytes) latvia-f1010005.jpg (651984 bytes)

    Attendees were treated to an arrangement of Saint-Saens' The Swan

    Jana Ivanidze (DE) receives her first prize

    Gábor Németh (HU) won a first prize for applying plasma physics to hi-fi loudspeakers

    Emily Payne (UK) receiving a prize from Nobel laureate, Sir Harry Kroto

    Uwe Treske (DE) won a first prize for his low-cost Scanning Tunnelling Microscope

    Margarita Lukjanska received her prize in Latvian national costume

  • Pictures from the exhibition (click for high-resolution versions)

    Elizabeth Newton (594560 bytes) Iceland (597680 bytes) Radoslaw Poleski (532517 bytes) Portugal (569916 bytes) Wim Cools (564116 bytes) Vincent Ruigrok and Geert de Vreede (553970 bytes)

    Elizabeth Newton

    Anna Kristjansdottir, Boovar Sturluson and Bryndis Guomondsdottir

    Radoslaw Poleski (PL)

    Bruno Joel Farto Magalhaes and Lorina de Carvalho Ventura (PT)

    Wim Cools

    Vincent Ruigrok
    and Geert de Vreede

    exhibition photos: Triona Keaveney © CORDIS

  • There are more pictures from the contest on the organisers' web site - click on a title and then on individual pictures to see a larger version