Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the EU Contest for Young Scientists?
  2. What are the objectives of the EU Contest?
  3. What prizes are awarded?
  4. How is the Contest funded?
  5. Is it possible to put in an application in an individual capacity?
  6. What do the contestants submit?
  7. Is outside assistance allowed?
  8. How many project entries are there?
  9. Who is on the Jury?
  10. How does the Jury decide?
  11. What is the "Cultural Programme" ?
  12. Who attends the EU Contest Award Ceremony?
  13. What is the origin of the EC/EU Contests?
  14. Where have previous contests been held?
  15. Where and when is the next EU Contest to be held ?
  16. And after 2005 ?
  17. What are the past prize winners doing?
  18. What measures is the Contest taking to accommodate young scientists from Central and Eastern Europe?
  19. What cooperation is there with countries outside Europe?
  20. What cooperation is there with other organizations in terms of further assisting the EU Contest's young scientists ?