What is the "Cultural Programme" ?

A varied and interesting cultural programme, including visits to sites of scientific interest near the location of the EU Contest, are arranged for the contestants. The highlight of the cultural programme is the annual EU Contest interactive scientific lecture. This was inaugurated at the 6th EU Contest. It has been presented by :

- Professor Etienne Gérard
"Oscillations Everywhere"
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 1994

- Professor Frank Close FRS.
The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford.
"The Cosmic Onion" The United Kingdom, 1995

- Professor Leena Palotie.
The National Public Health Institute of Finland.
"Mapping Defective Genes-for a Better Understanding of Human Diseases"
Finland, 1996

- Dr. Walter Maria de Silva.
Chief Design Engineer, Alpha Romeo.
"The Car : Synthesis of Design and Technology"
Italy, 1997

- Professor Alexandre Quintanilha.
The Biomedical Institute, The University of Porto.
"Man's Impact on the Environment and the Challenge of Sustainability"
Portugal, 1998

- Professor Athanassios Tsaftaris.
School of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
"Contemporary Biotechnology : Achievements and Prospects"
Thessaloniki, 1999

- Professor Henny Lamers. University of Utrecht.
"The Hubble Space Telescope"
Amsterdam, 2000

Professor Helge Drange.
"Global Greenhouse Warming - and Local Cooling?"
G. C. Rieber Climate Institute, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre
Bergen, 2001

Professor Walter H. Günzburg.
"Janus: The New God of Science?"
University of Veterinary Sciences, Vienna
Vienna, 2002