How does the Jury decide?

Following the deadline for receipt of applications, the EU Contest Office transmits to the Jury all eligible Written Projects. Jury Members assess each project against the criteria specified below. Members do not consult with each other during the preliminary assessment stage. Where a project lies outside the field of the Member's scientific expertise, they may consult and seek advice from appropriate experts of their choice.

The criteria used to assess projects shall be the following :

- originality and creativity in the identification of and the approach to the basic problem;
- skill, care and thoroughness in designing and carrying out the study;
- following through of the study from conception to conclusion;
- reasoning and clarity in the interpretation of the results;
- quality of written presentation and ability to discuss the project with the Jury Members.

In applying all these criteria allowance shall be make for the age, educational level of the contestants and possible problems resulting from liguistic barriers.