Welcome by Janez Potočnik
Commissioner for Research

Commissioner PotocnikThe future of Europe relies on the knowledge, curiosity and creativity of our young people. It depends on their willingness and possibilities to explore new and unknown avenues. The ideas of the young can then be transformed into new products, processes and services. Our quality of life, health and the environment all depend greatly on the advancement of knowledge. I want our young citizens to fully participate in this, because I believe that they have an important contribution to make.

Europe needs more researchers and scientists, and the European Contest for Young Scientists is one way in which we encourage young people to get involved and interested in science. Curiosity and creativity are in our genes and with the Contest we want to awaken and stimulate this passion.

The Contest is an excellent way of bringing together young, promising scientific talents from all over Europe and also from many non-European countries. It gives students the opportunity to compete at an international level and to meet other young and aspiring discoverers as well as some of the most prominent scientists in Europe.

The European Contest for Young Scientists is not only a competition between the best scientific projects. It also encourages more innovative thinking and doing. This is so essential if we are to have the capacity to take up the challenges that our society is facing today.

Janez Potočnik
Commissioner responsible for Research.