September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Germany

Jasmine Roya Djannatian (19)
School: Kathe-Kollwotz-Gymnasium
Hobbies: silk painting, photographs, playing transverse flute
Career intention: medical scientist

Cytotoxicity of different mistletoe preparations on leukaemic cells
I wanted to know if it would be possible to prove the effect of mistletoe preparations on human cells using scientific methods. Leukaemia is a form of cancer that affects blood corpuscles. The degenerate cells circulate in the blood, making therapy in the form of an operation or radiotherapy impossible. The only option left as treatment is chemotherapy, e.g. using mistletoe preparations, but this is a controversial method. I studied the composition of various mistletoe preparations and was able to demonstrate their toxic effect on leukaemia cells. Healthy kidney cells were found to suffer less damage. This is an indication that these substances might reach the degenerate cells first. As there is no clear connection between the composition and efficiency of mistletoe preparations, I assume that several active agents have an effect at the same time.

Thessa Rudolf (20)
School: UniversitĄt Bremen
Hobbies: taekwondo, karate, juggling, reading, music (classic), Jugend forscht
Career intention: Mathematician/Geophysicist

Vediamolo - acoustic head protector for blind persons
A long stick protects blind people against obstacles from ground level up to chest height, but what is to stop the visually impaired from hitting their heads against branches, signs and open windows? Three years ago my grandaunt went blind and I wanted to help her, so I set myself the task of designing as simple an aid as possible, which could be easily understood and used by all age groups. I invented an electronic cane which was able to measure the distance to the next obstacle and could give this information to the user by sending specific sounds. I introduced this to blind persons, but then I mentioned that the actual problem is that they do not know how to protect their head efficiently. They often hurt themselves because of obstacles in front of their head, for which their cane is no help. So I developed the Vediamolo, an acoustic head protector working on the principle of ultrasound. A warning signal sends the clear message: Stop where you are! Vediamolo is discreet and can be attached to almost any headwear to warn the user of hazards at head level in good time .

Georg Schmitt (20)
Hobbies: sport (table-tennis,..), keyboard, botanic interests
Career intention: Botanist

The incidence of Polypodium in the Kellenbach Valley

In my project I researched the distribution of the species of Polypodium in the Kellenbach Valley. This had not been previously researched. Until a few decades ago it was not known that Polypodium interjectum even occurred in this area. Because of the elaborate process required for classification, their distribution has not been recorded anywhere up till now. For this reason it seemed to be a particularly stimulating task to determine the occurrence of this species and the sterile hybrid. Ferns have neither blossoms nor seeds. The Polypodium genus, one of the ferns that have thin cell walls, contains approximately 100 different species. Only a few types of Polypodium are found in Europe. I wanted to find out exactly where the domestic species of Polypodium are found in the Kellenbachtal. Mapping them showed that the Polypodium vulgare and the Polypodium interjectum require different types of microclimate for their habitation. It seems that hybrids are formed mainly in those areas where both parent species are present in large numbers.