September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Korea

Yu Jung-joon (17)
School: Cheonan Bukil High School
Hobbies: Playing basketball
Career intention: Electronic engineer

Door locking system that detects gas leakages
As my mother sometimes returns home just to check if the gas valve really has been turned off, I thought about inventing something to reduce all this inconvenience for her. Of course my mother is right, we often fail to turn off the secondary gas valve after we finish using the gas range, so there still exists some risks of gas leakage. With my project I would like to contribute to the improvement of our safety at home and to prevent gas explosion accidents. Usually, the gas safety valvesystem consists of 3 steps, the primary valve (S/W) is in the main gas pipe line, the secondary is between the main line and the gas range and the third one is usually built in the gas range. With my invention, when we lock the door to go out with the gas valve turned on, an alarming sound emerges and the door is prevented from being locked. In this way some possible risks from leaking gas could be greatly reduced and prevented and it will also reduce the inconvenience (especially for my mother!) of having to return home to check the gas valve. Additionally, this invention is easy to install and safe to use .