September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Russia

Anastasiya Efimenko (17)
School: University Lyceum
Hobbies: books, music, singing in a choir
Career intention: Physician

My challenge to children's mortality
Hereditary factors cause about 50% of infant mortality and children's disabilities in the world. How can their destiny be relieved? Genetic research carried out in the Republic of Karelia (one of the Northern European regions of Russia) allowed me to evaluate and forecast the spreading of a serious hereditary phenylketonuria disease connected with metabolism and affecting the central nervous system. My hypothesis of a high morbidity level linked to the migration process in the Republic has been confirmed. I have also obtained data concerning unknown blood group frequencies in the Republic. They will help forecast which diseases will be typical for Karelia. The methods used are based on the laws of population genetics (Hardy-Weinberg's Law) and its mathematical models built for different cases .

Valeria Grigorieva (18)
School: Astrakhan State Technical University
Hobbies: scientific research and scientific magazines
Career intention: ecologist

How to make a profit from waste material
My research is dedicated to utilise waste of fish and yeast industries, that is press-broth and lignin. The latter is known to be a serious problem, not only in Russia but in other countries as well. Press-broth contains 3-10% of proteins and fats, and decays several hours after being produced, polluting the environment by products produced during disintegration. I have chosen the method of obtaining a technical product from the press-broth, transforming it into a compound with a high surface activity by means of hydrolysis (a process, which does not require complicated installations). A detergent can be obtained from the compound that may be applied for cleaning metallic, glass, and other surfaces. Using the compound paints and other finishing materials can also be produced; this yielded a reduction of up to 20% of drying oil in the process .

Marina Rakova (17)
School: Secondary-school #74
Hobbies: reading books, sports
Career intention: mathematician

New facts in classical planimetry
My project is a fundamental research in the field of geometry. Geometry begins with a triangle. A triangle has been a symbol of geometry for two and a half thousand years; but apart from this it is an atom of geometry. Many problems of geometry, architecture, engineering and technology are solved with the help of the properties of the centre of gravity, the orthocentre and other famous and remarkable points in a triangle, which nobody has ever investigated before. During the investigation I obtained new facts relating to classical planimetry, that is, more than 30 new properties of the remarkable points in a triangle that have not been published before in the literature available to me .