September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Malta

Anita Cardona (18)
School: Junior College
Hobbies: sport, piano, modeling, drama, travelling and socialising
Career intention: marketing professional

Automatic animal feeder
I am an animal lover and ecologist. I wanted to explore a way in which animals could benefit from science like humans do. This animal feeder is a multi-functional device that may be used in many environments such as zoos, farms and private residences.
The automatic animal feeder is a feasible solution aimed to help the loved pet with its daily nutrition. In fact, requiring no manual handling, this feeder daily supplies the pet with a fixed amount of food and fresh water at a set time. Hence this feeder can be customised to provide for the needs of any breed of animal .

Nikolai Sultana (17)
School: St. Alysius' College
Hobbies: reading, programming and sports
Career intention: software engineer

I wanted to present a new way of accessing information over the Internet which is easy to use, versatile, yet efficient. CyNav is aimed at making people experience the Internet in a new way. Users can navigate the internet in 3D. For example the user can navigate along the aisles of a supermarket and select products off the shelves or move around to the helpdesk of a company or a company's warehouse and see a selection of it's products. Users can navigate trough this site as if they were actually there. People accessing the same sites at the same time can communicate with each other and the software also includes a Web browser for traditional browsing .