September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Israel

Daniel Bram (19)
School: Tel Aviv University
Hobbies: Computers
Career intention: Physicist

My project is the Crypt-O-Nator, software that is able to decode computerfiles, operating via a formula and a password. In recent years, we have been witness to amazing developments on the Internet which enable the transmission of information and the conducting of business throughout the world using virtually any personal computer. With such freedom of exchange of information, the possibility comes into play of outside parties trying to obtain information and using it for malicious ends, necessitating a system for protecting information being transmitted from one computer to another. The Crypt-O-Nator's purpose is to ensure that the information in his or her possession is revealed only to him or her, and any other person indicated. The software operates on an innovative algorithm which enables a higher level of decoding computer files by means of short passwords, all in a user-friendly interface which also enables those who are less computer-savvy to protect the privacy of their files .