September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Austria

Andreas Kroier (19)
School: HTBLA Braunau
Hobbies: tennis, football, basketball, skiing, judo
Career intention: manager in the telecommunication sector

Alfred Pammer (18)
School: HTBLA Braunau am Inn
Hobbies: tennis, football, basketball
Career intention: software engineer

Harald Sporer (20)
School: HTBLA Braunau am Inn
Hobbies: tennis, football, skiing
Career intention: engineer

Safety system to control the entrance and exit of, amongst others, school busses
In the past few years an increasing number of accidents has occured involving pupils who were badly hurt while being trailed along over a long distance. This was caused by parts of their clothing being squeezed between the doors. We have developed a safety system that is able to exclude such accidents with a safety level of 100%. The 'heart' of the system is a camera that takes two pictures of the entrance, one before opening and one after closing the door. A self-developed program for the PC does an analysis and a comparison and transmits a discrete alarm directly to the driver. The system works in all weather conditions and at any time of the day. A patent is pending. If the automotive industry is interested in this solution to an actual problem, scores of accidents across Austria / Europe each year will not occur in the future.