September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Bulgaria

Daniel Andonov (17)
School: Language school "Simeon Radev"
Hobbies: programming, swimming
Career intention: Software programmer or webdeveloper

Neli Georgiewa (17)
School: First Language school
Hobbies: Astronomy, mathematics, Internet, chatting, reading, playing the piano, playing table tennis
Career intention: Computer scientist

Internet - a tangled web
We would like to motivate other people to use the Internet because it is the fastest developing media there is. Especially young people are very interested, and as we wanted them to connect with people all over de world, we built a 'portal', a site which can be used as a catalog for other sites. We have chosen the project to deal with a global and all-embracing issue, which bridges over formal man-made boundaries. And it has the intention to become very popular, thanks to its good design and easy navigation. Internet may be an entangled network, our site is a major step in disentangling. .